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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

5 Most Popular Gifts to Give on Valentine’s Day

With February 14th approaching, each of us is puzzled with a question “how to impress our loved one on the most romantic day of the year?” You have probably been thinking whether it is better to surprise her with an unexpected gift or give her a traditional present. To make an awesome surprise that your beloved will be happy to receive, you need to know the person’s tastes and interests rather well. And if you have just started your communication or are still not sure what to give, consider sticking to classics and choose one of 5 most popular gifts for Ukrainian ladies:

1. A bouquet of gorgeous flowers is a classic gift on Valentine Day, traditionally the first gift choice for the holiday. Choose from a modest five fine rose arrangement to a lavish heart-Shaped bouquet, our selection varies from 'friendly' to 'madly in love'.

2. It is not a secret that chocolate stimulates production of serotonin, hormone of happiness. You can send a woman a piece of happiness with a heart-shaped cake or a heart-shaped box of chocolates and you’ll notice an effect. Does your Lady live in Kiev, Odessa or Kharkov? Consider upgrading to an elegant fruit Bouquet.

3. When your sweetheart is far from you, she misses you and feels lonely. Give her a cute teddy bear she could hug thinking about you at night.

4.  A girl's jewelry box is par to a man's watch collection or tackle box. Nothing will make her eyes shine quite like Swarovski crystals. A set of peals would take her breath away. 

5. One of the best ways to know a woman is to smell her Perfume. Women always choose aromas which resonate their character. On the other hand woman’s character changes according to their mood. There is no way that woman have enough flavors for every mood;-)

Bonus: Spa-certificates have recently become a very popular gift in Ukraine. What can be a better gift than time spent taking her mind off her daily life to relax and re-energize?

Do you want more? Please check our Valentine's Collection to get more ideas.