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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The queen of autumn flowers in Ukraine

The chrysanthemum is the queen of autumn flowers in Ukraine. More than 10000 types of chrysanthemums are cultivated in the world. These bright flowers differ in meaning in different countries. For example, in Japan and China chrysanthemums symbolize good fortune and a comfortable life. People in these countries believe that chrysanthemums attract happiness and good luck inside homes. In some European countries, the chrysanthemums are associated with bereavement and are usually given in sad moments of life. However in Ukraine, the chrysanthemums have a positive meaning and are usually given on different occasions.

The chrysanthemums are cultivated by famous Ukrainian botanical gardens in Crimea, Kiev, Lvov and many other cities of Ukraine. Every autumn numerous exhibitions and balls of chrysanthemums are held throughout the country. Visitors can feast their eyes on amazing flower compositions, magnetic landscapes and sculptures created by Ukrainian floral designers.

Thanks to the flower selection in Ukrainian botanic gardens, local greenhouses grow various types of chrysanthemums for Ukrainian flower market. The most popular shapes are button-spray pompoms and daisy-like chrysanthemums as well as large and medium single blooms. Around 21 color shades of chrysanthemums from pure white to deep red can be seen in local flower shops.

Rich color scheme, variety of shapes and sizes, nice herbal fragrance made it the most popular autumn flower in Ukraine. Mono-colored or multicolored chrysanthemums bouquets are given for birthdays, anniversaries or just as a sign of attention. The chrysanthemums are also widely used in mixed bouquet of Ukrainian flowers. Having different shapes and sizes, these flowers help to create amazing autumn bouquets that will delight the eyes of your beloved for several weeks.