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Friday, January 25, 2013

Celebration of the Name Day in Ukraine

Today name days are usually referred to as a second birthday and another occasion to get your family together and have a sweet and lovely get-together with people who mean the world to you. Every month there is a certain name day for both men and women, sometimes even more than one per day.

Originally Name Day was a Christian tradition to celebrate the memory day of that saint, which name was given to a child while baptizing. Each day of religious calendar is dedicated to a memory of a certain Saint, often not the only one. And when a child was baptized, it gained the name of the Saint, which became the child’s guardian. Although they shouldn’t be mistaken for guardian angels, which are given to each soul for the protection and guidance. It used to be necessary for a person to go to the church to light a candle in the name of the Saint, after which he/she was named. But with time this tradition became not so common due to the slight decay of the religious customs and traditions.

On January 25th is Tatiana’s Day according to the Christian calendar. Which means that every family that has Tatiana among the relatives will have a cozy little evening celebration. On this day birthday person receives gifts and warm thoughtful wishes from the beloved ones. Friends and family help to organize pleasant and unexpected fun parties for the one they care about.

It sure is nice and lovely when you can simply come by and congratulate your close and loved person. But sometimes they might be thousand miles apart from you and they seem impossible to reach. Despite the distance you can still send your love and affection throughout the countries to that very special person who celebrates the Name Day. You can always turn to UkraineGiftDelivery for our help to deliver lovely fresh-cut flowers, terrific gift sets, passionate perfumes, toys and chocolates or any special present that you choose and would like to send as a gift to Ukraine. You may pick one of the most luxurious Ukraine gifts for those you love and care about expressing your love and thoughtful care.

We all have those special people we want to be happy and it is especially pleasant for them to see that you remember to show your affection on Name Day that means a lot to those we love.

Remember to express your love to others and it will return to you as well!

Monday, January 21, 2013

National Hug Day

Most of you have probably heard of the holiday before and even if you haven’t I am sure you are not having a hard time guessing how it’s celebrated.

National Hug Day occurs on January 21st and this day is dedicated for helping people showing their emotions in public. The holiday was originated in the late 70s but more specific details of its appearance are unknown.

The majority of people have no problem with expressing their love to their close friends and family and I am sure you hug your beloved ones pretty often. But on the National Hug Day you can offer a hug to anyone and everyone you want, including passing sad looking strangers. Unlike some similar holidays, National Hug Day doesn’t encourage to embrace everyone in your hugs, but asking first. It implies that you are offering a hug, not giving it to anyone despite the will of the other person.

To some it might be a little weird why and how did this holiday become recognized throughout the world. Why hugs? Well, for the most of it the reason hugs are appreciated by the different nationalities equally is the meaning it has for every person. Hug has a universal meaning of support, concern or just the way of saying “I am here”. There are lots of different hug types, which can show various feelings like affection, support, tenderness, love and care. So sometimes it might be inappropriate to give such an intimate hug to a stranger, that is why one type of hug is considered as the one everybody can enjoy – heart centered hug. Such a well-needed heart hug can lift anyone’s spirit and is a perfect way to express friendly emotions and to show that you care.

Sometimes it happens that the person we want to hug the most is not with us on this day. There is always a way to express your affection, love and care even to those who are not right by your side at the moment by sending a lovely gift to your beloved ones. If you have close people living in Ukraine we in UkraineGiftDeliver will be pleased to deliver your gifts for people you would love to hug. If you want to send a gift to Ukraine be sure your loved person will receive that gentle hug you have for them.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Old New Year in Ukraine

I’d like to share with you interesting information about one fascinating tradition that Ukrainians are still following to these days.

You might have heard before that people in Ukraine and former Soviet Union celebrate New Year’s Eve twice: on December 31st and on January 13th. Of course it has a reasonable explanation. Such a tradition is connected with certain historical changes when people didn’t want to switch from the old Julian calendar to new Gregorian calendar. It sure is understandable that changes were inevitable so as a result New Year is celebrated twice. Most of Ukrainian families keep holiday spirit and their Christmas trees till the evening on January 13th when whole family gathers once more at the dinner table and give each other presents. If you have beloved people living in Ukraine, UkraineGiftDelivery will gladly provide any help needed to deliver your gifts to Ukraine in order to keep the tradition alive.

If people you care about the most are living miles away from you, you can still create a magical surprise for those you love. It could be a romantic gift set or perfumes for the woman of your heart, or lovely gorgeous fruit and gourmet baskets for your family, which no doubt misses you a lot on holidays. If your close person has a child in the family it would be a very thoughtful gesture to send a little thing for kid too. It can be a box of chocolates or a toy, which is a real holiday surprise for the little buddy.

Holidays are really important time to remind of your care and warm feelings. It happens that most of the time we are preoccupied with everyday routine and we can forget to remind our close people of the pure feeling of love we have for them. Take a moment to show how much you appreciate them in your life and how much you care.

And remember, you don’t need a holiday to express your love and gratitude. Show your beloved one’s tender and sweet gesture for an occasion and without any reason and it will bring more smiles and happiness in their lives.